Witam ponownie, tym razem podaje listę komand głosowych dla pierwszej części gry a mianowicie Left 4 Dead!

Vocal dla Louis :

vocalize Airport04_05a – “No way, man”, “Not a chance!”, “Oh no ain’t no drat way!”
vocalize Airport04_08b – “Holy ¦¦¦¦!” or “You’re joking, right?”
vocalize smalltown02_path08a - "That'll seal the lock."
vocalize Smalltown04_path07A - "If you ignore the crazy guy and the zombies, nice town."
vocalize smalltown02_path01b - "Interesting true story, in 1975 the local township..."
vocalize Farm01_path03a - "Yeah, I bet your country ¦¦¦ does love this trailer."
vocalize Farm03_path01a - "Stay positive guys, I got a good feeling about this."
vocalize IntroFarm4 – "Sounds good to me”
vocalize IntroHospital – "The subway can take us straight to Mercy Hospital"
vocalize hospital02_path03a1 - "Alright, no problem. Now we just gotta get out of the subway."
vocalize hospital03_path03a1 – “Hurry!” or “Hurry up!”
vocalize hospital04_path02a - "Stairs are a good workout/ It's good for you, Bill! Cardio."
vocalize hospital04_path04a – “Elevator here!” or “Get into the elevator!”
vocalize hospital05_path01b - "Works for me."
vocalize RiversideIsDead – “Riverside’s a bust”
vocalize RiversideIsDeadB – “If we can get to the river, we can find a boat”
vocalize VampiresBeata - "They ain't vampires, man, they're zombies!"
vocalize TakeShotgunGroovyLouis - *Snickers* then Francis responds.
vocalize TrainUnhookedManager - "Heads up!"
vocalize PlaneCrashResponse - "Woah!" "Jesus!" or "Holy ¦¦¦¦"
vocalize PlayerTransition - "NICE!" & other cheers but only works once per map
vocalize ResponseSoftDispleasureSwear - "Country (...) bull(...)"/ "(...)"/ "Aw Hell"/ "Don't like this one damn bit"/ "Damnit!"
vocalize ConceptBlock015 - "Open the Door!"
vocalize ConceptBlock017 - "What?"
vocalize ConceptBlock019 - "Mister, if one of us gets killed out here..."
vocalize ConceptBlock050 - "What?"
vocalize ConceptBlock581 - "Hello?"
vocalize ConceptBlock594 - "We're good to go whenever you are" or "We're all set to go, sir!"
vocalize ConceptBlock610 - "Humanity is going to bounce right back you watch!" (Bill Disagrees)
vocalize ConceptBlock619 - "Humanity is going to bounce right back you watch!" (Zoey Comments)
vocalize ConceptBlock628 - "They're zombies, Francis!" (Prompts Francis to respond)
vocalize ConceptBlock645 - Louis doesn't want to die - like 5 different funny sayings
vocalize ConceptBlock650 - *Short Laugh*
vocalize ConceptBlock652 - *Nervous whistling* (Prompts Zoey to say (...))
vocalize ConceptBlock656 - "Come on Cheer Up." ( WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE convo.)
vocalize ConceptBlock658 - "We are unstoppable! " ( WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE convo.)
vocalize ConceptBlock659 - "We should call ourselves the unstoppables!" ( WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE convo.)
vocalize ConceptBlock660 - "Nothing can stop us" ( WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE convo.)
vocalize ConceptBlock669 - "GO!!"
vocalize ConceptBlock702 - "(...)."
vocalize ConceptBlock705 - "Hell yeah."
Vocal dla Francis :

vocalize Airport04_08a – "Bill, I was the one who said that"
vocalize Airport04_08b – "Holy (...)” or “That sounds about right!"
vocalize Farm05_path09c – "(...), never thought I’d go looking for the military."
vocalize airport04_vana - "I hate vans."
vocalize IntroHospital02 - "I hate subways."
vocalize Smalltown05_path03a - "I hate water."
vocalize Smalltown02_path01a – "How the hell do you know that?"
vocalize Smalltown04_path05a – "I’m coming for ya Bill, keep your beard on"
vocalize RiversideIsDeadSpecialA – "That’s better than MY plan."
vocalize IntroAirport01bc - "I hate planes."
vocalize AynRandResponse - "I hate Ayn Rand."

"vocalize ConceptBlock###" tutaj zamiast krzaczków trzeba podac numer komendy

009 - "Let's see, I'm Francis and that's Grandpa Bill and THERE'S ZOMBIES OUT HERE OPEN THE (...) DOOR"
023 - "We're cops, open up!"
040 - "Listen candy pants, we can make you open that (...) door." or 044
044 - "Aw hell, everybody but us is either a zombie or an (...)."
049 - "WHAT?"
517 - "Uh, hello?"
527 - "Attention Boat Owner, we are... the cops. I command you to pick us up."
537 - "We're all set!"
588 - "We're all set!"
558 - "Have a heart, we have a helpless old man with us."
596 - "Attention Army, this is... the cops."
607 - "What if just your beard starts to turn? Can I shoot that?"
627 - "What?" [Louis says something.] "Whatever you say, Professor Monster."
629 - "Whatever you say, Professor Monster."
632 - "Most people do anything if a cop tells them to. Trust me."
633 - "Trust me"
635 - "Hey, look on the bright side. If you don't make it, I'll still be really handsome."
637 - "Long enough to know you have a pretty mouth."
697 - "Whatever."
709 - [I hate everything but vests.]
710 - [Same as above but starts later.]
712 - "You know what I don't hate? I don't hate vests."
721 - "Hahaha, go to hell."
Vocal dla Zoey :

vocalize Airport04_08c – “Holy (...)!” or “They must have tried to prevent the infection from spreading”
vocalize BounceReaction – “Yeah, yeah I’m ready to bounce *giggles*"
vocalize IntroFarm4 – “Yeah… let’s do it”
vocalize IntroSmallTown2 – “Unless anyone has a better plan, I say we head there”
vocalize TakeShotgunZoey – “Groovy…”
vocalize ConceptBlock032 - "Open the (...) door!"
vocalize ConceptBlock035 - "What?"
vocalize ConceptBlock037 - "What a (...)"
vocalize ConceptBlock620 - "You're an optimist, I'll give ya that, Louis."
vocalize ConceptBlock642 - "Oops, sorry!"
vocalize ConceptBlock647 - "Game over man, game over!"
vocalize ConceptBlock649 - *short laugh*
vocalize ConceptBlock654 - "So, um...yeah."
vocalize ConceptBlock657 - "Louis *laugh*"
vocalize ConceptBlock661 - *hearty laugh*
Vocal dla Bill :

vocalize Airport04_08a – “What did I tell ya? They’re trying to stop people from leaving”
vocalize Airport04_08c – “Christ almighty”
vocalize DontBeAnAss – “Don’t be an ¦¦¦, Francis”
vocalize Farm02_path01a – “Damn straight”
vocalize Farm05_path07b – “Settle down Francis, just use that radio they’ll come”
vocalize Farm05_path09c – “They honest to god military”
vocalize FarmvampiresB – “There’s zombies, Francis”
vocalize Hospital02_path03b1 – “Gotta find another way!” or “This seem too easy”
vocalize Hospital02_path03c1 – “Gonna have to go topside”
vocalize Hospital04_path01a – “I’ve smelled worse”
vocalize IntroFarm3 – “We just need to find the train tracks and follow ‘em”
vocalize IntroFarm4 – “Alrighty”
vocalize IntroHospital – His opening spiel at the beginning of No Mercy campaign
vocalize IntroHospital03 – “Might not be a bad idea to get off the street” or “Good thinking”
vocalize ConceptBlock608 - About 6 different lines, dissing Francis
vocalize ConceptBlock639 - "I see peace on earth if I have to murder every one of these (...) (...)s"
vocalize ConceptBlock051 - "What?"
vocalize ConceptBlock515 - "Hello?"
vocalize ConceptBlock536 - "Come and get us!"
vocalize ConceptBlock556 - "Hey!"
vocalize ConceptBlock611 - "War of Attrition"
vocalize ConceptBlock663 - "Who-ho-ho!"
vocalize ConceptBlock696 - "They're Zombies Francis" (*Whatever*)
vocalize ConceptBlock712 - "Francis, What don't you hate?" (Vests)
vocalize ConceptBlock715 - *Short Laugh*
Uniwersalne komendy dla wszystkich postaci :

vocalize CallForRescue
vocalize EatPills
vocalize elevator_conversation
vocalize EmphaticArriveRun
vocalize PlayerAlertGiveItem
vocalize PlayerAreaClear
vocalize PlayerAskReady
vocalize PlayerChoke
vocalize PlayerCoverMe
vocalize PlayerDeath
vocalize PlayerFollowMe
vocalize PlayerFriendlyFire
vocalize PlayerHealing
vocalize PlayerHealingOther
vocalize PlayerHelp
vocalize PlayerHurrah
vocalize PlayerHurryUp
vocalize PlayerImWithYou
vocalize PlayerIncapacitated
vocalize PlayerIncoming
vocalize PlayerKillThatLight
vocalize PlayerLaugh
vocalize PlayerLeadOn
vocalize PlayerLedgeHangEnd
vocalize PlayerLedgeHangMiddle
vocalize PlayerLedgeHangStart
vocalize PlayerLedgeSave
vocalize PlayerLedgeSaveCritical
vocalize PlayerLookOut
vocalize PlayerMoveOn
vocalize PlayerNegative
vocalize PlayerNiceJob
vocalize PlayerNiceShot
vocalize PlayerNo
vocalize PlayerReviveFriend
vocalize PlayerSorry
vocalize PlayerSpotAmmo
vocalize PlayerSpotFirstAid
vocalize PlayerSpotGrenade
vocalize PlayerSpotPills
vocalize PlayerStayTogether
vocalize PlayerTaunt
vocalize PlayerThanks
vocalize PlayerVomitInFace
vocalize PlayerWaitHere
vocalize PlayerWarnBoomer
vocalize PlayerWarnCareful
vocalize PlayerWarnHunter
vocalize PlayerWarnSmoker
vocalize PlayerWarnTank
vocalize PlayerWarnWitch
vocalize PlayerWatchOutBehind
vocalize PlayerYes
vocalize PlayerYouAreWelcome
vocalize ResponseSoftDispleasureSwear
vocalize ReviveMeInterrupted
vocalize ScenarioJoin
vocalize smartlook
vocalize YouWelcome
vocalize elevator_conversation - Starts one of the elevator conversations.
Sposob bindowania :

bind "1" "vocalize ConceptBlock647"
Pozdrawiam i mam nadzieję, że się przyda!